Point Pleasant, WV... AMAZING!

Our floodwall interactive history lesson is just one of the many amazing attractions Point Pleasant has to offer!

Discover what makes Point Pleasant, WV... AMAZING!

Point Pleasant, is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Great Kanawha rivers. A small but vibrant river town, Point Pleasant provides opportunities for shopping and dining, as well as the chance to learn about epic battles and a tenacious pioneer culture that contributed to the character of the America that we know today. If your looking for things to do, Point Pleasant has so much to offer. From the Worlds Only Mothman Museum, to the Historic, and haunted, Lowe Hotel, to amazing history lessons, such as the Interactive Floodwall Murals, Tu Endi Wei State Park, The West Virginia State Farm Museum, The Point Pleasant River Museum, and Fort Randolf in Krodel Park. 

Point Pleasant is the host of the worlds only Mothman Festival. 

Paranormal enthusiasts flock to Point Pleasant in search of Mothman, a creature said to be a harbinger of imminent disaster that inhabits an abandoned TNT factory from World War II. John Keel published a book in 1975 entitled The Mothman Prophecies, and a film inspired by the novel was released in January 2002. Later, another film, loosely based on the legend, was also released. The town is host to a Mothman Museum, and every year it holds a Mothman Festival that features tours, pageants, balls, films, music, and other events to celebrate what they consider "one of Point Pleasant’s largest tourist attractions".