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Point Pleasant is a small town with a rich history. The river community, situated where the Kanawha and Ohio rivers meet, played an important role in the settlement of America. In 1774, the colonial army won the Battle of Point Pleasant, opening the area to the first permanent white settlers and paving the way for continued western expansion.

Today, you can relive the town’s history through a one-of-a-kind outdoor museum. Visit the city’s riverfront where world-class art and high-tech sounds come together in “An American Beginning.” Intricate murals portray life on the frontier, while sound effects put you in the middle of the action. Work on this museum continues and officials expect to have tram rides in place soon. Point Pleasant also pays homage to its waterfront history with the River Museum. Displays, videos, a working pilot house and a research library highlight life on the river and the commercial aspects of our waterways. The museum’s 2,400-gallon aquarium is home to native Ohio River fish, including paddlefish, gar, catfish, black crappie, whiskered carp and largemouth bass. A professional training simulator, the Virtual Reality Pilot House, was completed in July 2011 and is the most expensive and most technical exhibit yet to be installed at the museum. The museum is open year round except on major holidays.

If tales of the supernatural pique your interest, Point Pleasant has a great one for you. In the weeks prior to the 1967 Silver Bridge collapse,numerous residents claimed to have encountered a winged creature dubbed Mothman. Over the past four decades, Mothman has inspired books, movies and television episodes, and is the center of the Mothman Festival, which is held in the town every September. Visitors can check out the statue that was been erected in his honor, visit the Mothman Museum, tour areas where he was sighted and invest in Mothman paraphernalia. 

Point Pleasant makes the perfect getaway for a daytrip or weekend stay. Enjoy it by leisurely stroll or tour it by car; there is plenty of parking, easily accessible sites and interesting stories.

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